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P&A - Domino Print & Apply Systems

TTO - Domino Thermal Transfer Overprints

Serialization solutions for pharmaceutical industry


INTREX PHARMA 2D Pro (print, check, labelling)













Serialisation system for pharmaceuticals.The system prints high quality GS1 Data Matrix ECC 200 codes, serial numbers, USE BY dates as we well as unique numbers on boxes. It controls the print quality and allows 2D code online grading according to ISO15415 and ISO15418. 


Ready for Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) 2011/62/UE

















  • High resolution coding and serialisation (Thermal Ink-Jet or laser CO₂ coding).
  • Coding speeds up to 300 pcs/min with Thermal ink-jet up to 500 pcs /min with laser (tested in real production).
  • Integrated vision system.
  • User friendly intrex software with touch panel 19”.
  • Track&Trace software.
  • Easy to integrate with packaging lines.
  • i-Code Domino (code generating system).
  • Tamper Evident with intrex labelling heads (optional).





High quality print:

  • Different versions depending on power and print area size
  • Blue laser tube technology
  • Coding - stationary and in motion, at high speed of production lines
  • PHARMA standard.
High reliability:
  • Proven laser technology; stable and reliable performance
  • Designed to IP54
Ease of use and maintenance:
  • Various laser head types; Axial Beam version.
  • Intuitive Windows®-based software.
  • Compact control unit can positioned in any conditions.
  • Visible red aiming laser beam.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Produces clear discrete codes, irrespective of distance from the product.
  • Color touch screen interface.
  • Multilingual menu.
  • Network software allows for creating and storing texts and graphics on printers within the network,
  • Status monitoring and sending reports within the network.





Domino A-Series i-Tech

The most common form of industrial coding. You will find our offer of ink-jet printers of small characters (primary packaging).

Domino A-Series i-Tech ink-jet printers allow for coding onto a variety of substrates, e.g. paper, glass, metals and various plastics using one to four lines which contain any alphanumeric data, among others production date, expiry date or batch number.

What distinguishes Domino printers?

  • True autoflush of nozzle and gutter after shutdown
  • Patented sealed nozzle print head after shutdown ensuring proper start-up
  • IP rated units offer reliability in a range of harsh environments (high dust level and humidity)





Domino G-Series (TIJ - Thermal Ink Jet)

G-Series printers are an effective method of ink jet marking using HP technology. It is meant for fast printing high quality bar codes and 2D (Data Matrix), text and graphics on porous or coated substrates. G Series technology offers what is best on the market: patented head and ink TIJ (Thermal Ink Jet) combination allows for fast drying and excellent resistance to abrasion. These printers are used widely in pharmaceutical industry, especially for Falsified Medicenes Directive coding.

Basic benefits:

  • The possibility of printing complex codes in resolution up to 600 dpi.
  • Marking at the speed up to 300 m/min.
  • Wide range of inks.
  • Character height from 12,7 mm to 50,4 mm.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Simple and clean cartridge fluid replacement.
  • Built-in Ethernet port.
  • Simplified power on/off, no need for long shutdown or startup procedures.
  • Prepare /edit messages while printer is running to reduce product changeover times.











High quality print on elastic packaging.

Domino as a global supplier of industrial ink-jet and laser printers has also been since 2007 a producer of industrial thermal transfer overprinters - V-Series.

V-Series thermal transfer overprinters are reliable machines providing codes in both intermittent and continuous functioning. Their simple construction enables convenient integration with packaging machines and into production lines.

Reaching high resolution of 300dpi, V-Series printers are able to code text in high resolution, real time, bar codes, 2D Data Matrix as well as logo.

V-Series is an ideal solution for coding on:

  • Flat packaging film, labels and gloss cards.
  • Flexible coated aluminum.
  • Labels.
  • Paper.
  • Polipropylene.
  • Polyethylene.
  • Tyvec.








Machines marked PHARMA meet several requirements which make them suitable for labelling products in pharmaceutical industry.
Each of the systems described above can have PHARMA version provided it fulfills the requirements mentioned below. Strict quality requirements and qualification tests (DQ - Design Qualification, IQ - Installation Qualification, OQ - Operational Qualification, FAT - Factory Acceptance Testing) required for machine application demand highest quality and fully professional attitude towards customers.

PHARMA series consist of systems manufactured using B&R based control systems operated using touch panels. Among other things, the standard version of these machines is equipped with:

  • Camera system checking printout and labelling quality.
  • Counters for ingoing and outgoing products, counters for products properly or improperly labeled which allow accurate process control.
  • User friendly bespoke Intrex software.
  • Full machine enclosure for process protection against any external influence.
  • GMP standard - Machines are delivered with all accessories required by production process and with validation documents.


Aerosol labelling system with Domino A320i printer


 Tamper - evident labelling system  for pharma boxes
Tamper - evident labelling system for pharma boxes
Wrap around labelling system with TTO printer - Domino V230i
Ampoules labelling system with Domino A420i pinpoint printer