Egg coding

Applied technologies

fiber laser dot peen
labelling vision
p&a tto personalization
ink-jet printers
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For many years Intrex has been a leader in egg-coding. Applications on every kind of egg grader available on the market, professional service and technical support guarantee great cooperation. We have got all proper certificates that legally enable egg-coding directly onto egg shells within the EU territory.


Depending on the egg grader we offer:

Domino A100/ A100plus with certified food grade ink – max. two-line coding. Mechanical connection with medium or low-rate productivity graders. In some cases connection with the grader’s computer is possible.
Domino A100/ A100 plus can be installed on the following graders:

  • Moba 68, 88.
  • Moba 2000.
  • Moba 2500 (electronic connection – allows for choosing among 16 texts from the grader’s computer).
  • Staalkat Inter i Ultra Compacta – up to 14 500 eggs per hour.


Domino A400 Egg Coder with certified food grade ink – electronic coder-grader connection that enables controlling one or more printers directly form the grader’s computer. Works with all medium to high-rate productivity graders.

Marking/labeling on collective packgaging

Domino G-series is an effective method of inkjet printing using HP technology, suitable for printing text, barcodes and graphics on coated surfaces. G-series offers what is the best on the market - patented combination of ink-jet (TIJ - Thermal Ink Jet) head and capable of producing fast drying and excellent abrasion resistance. Printers can be connected directly to the egg sorter or controlled by a dedicated software.





Domino A400 Egg Coder can be installed on any grader, e.g.:

  • Moba Omnia 80, 125, 170, 250, 330.
  • Moba 4000, 5000, 8000.
  • Staalkat ECM 250, 360, 450.

Domino M series - labelling on the sorter

Printing accurate information and labelling ensures highest productivity, flexibilitis and profitability. A wide range of Print&Apply Domino machines enable applying labels in every way - on the front, the side, the top and the bottom. This allows for easy adaptation on the needs of the whole range of production lines. Quick and easy replacement of consumables will ensure undisturbed production and ease of use.

M series