All technological capabilities of our Service Center are at our clients’ disposal. The service offer is addressed to industrial as well as advertising branches. We offer services connected with laser and dot peen marking, laser engraving, non-metals cutting, labelling and lottery printing. Professional equipment and qualified technical staff allow us to process all types of orders, offering attractive prices and lead times and at the same time maintaining high service quality.

Labelling services
Promotional and lottery printing


We perform permanent coding with lasers:
  • Permanent code - permanently changes the surface of metal,
  • Material - tool steel, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, chrome-plated surfaces, plastics,
  • Coding - text, graphics, logo, bar codes etc.


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Doing our best to meet your needs, we are extending our activity by labelling services. Our vast experience in designing labelers allows us to offer optimal solutions regarding both technical capabilities and costs.
We rent machines, take care of installation and provide technical support or we can label your products on site in Sady near Poznań.

We offer:
  • applying decorative, promotional or informational labels (booklet or sandwich type),
  • applying paper labels and made of plastics (transparent),
  • labelling products of regular shapes (bottom, side, over the edge),
  • labelling cylindrical products on circumference with label positioning,
  • labelling oval products (flat on both sides),
  • installing labelling heads on packaging machines,
  • renting labelling systems - stand-alone or integrated into production line, customized to productivity and deadlines.


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We lease systems for installation on printing and finishing machines. It is a perfect solution in managing production of promotional materials and lottery tickets attached to products.

  • Promotional codes printed onto labels and boxes, individual products and sheets.
  • Easy integration of ink-jet print systems into existing wrapping lines, printing and finishing.
  • Capability to process a large number of various codes, at standard sector production speed.


On demand one- or multi-head systems available.
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