About us

Intrex company is a supplier of marking, printing. labelling and visual control equipment and systems.

Since 1992 we have been providing our clients with a comprehensive scope of services:

  • distribution of devices and systems,
  • technical service,
  • marking and labelling,
  • selling consumables,
  • trainings on operating our devices.

Our whole young team consists of more than 100 professionals and fans of modern technology and marking systems.


Being present on the market for many years we know, that satisfaction of our clients is the most important matter. That is the reason for introducing the best out of many recognized brands to the Polish market.
We have the exclusive distribution rights for the following producers of marking and labelling solutions: DOMINO, SIC MARKING, ELECTROX, WIEDENBACH. We also offer AXODE, COGNEX and OMRON vision systems and our own, INTREX labelling machines.

Besides the headquarters in Poznań we also have service offices in Warsaw, Tychy and Zduńska Wola. Thanks to such organized network we can always reach the customer within 24 hours.