We offer a wide range of inks that can meet any coding requirements. All our products are ISO 9001 and 14001 compliant. Besides standard applications inks we also offer inks that can withstand steam sterilization process, change colors, UV-visible or wetness indicators inks, etc.

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Customer service
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Labels, ribbons Labels, ribbons

Consumables - inks

Choosing the right ink is as important as choosing the printer. Its quality influences not only print quality, but also the printer’s reliability.

Each of over 150 inks available was formulated, tested and produced according to the highest standards in order to ensure maximum efficiency in Domino printers.

The highest quality and perfect parameters of the products are the effect of work of the Domino chemists’ team - top class specialists. Domino production facilities are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. Individual inks have specialist attestations proving their use in specific applications, e.g. aircraft, electronics, food industry etc. (over 100 different certificates).

Such a wide range of inks enables coding on various substrates, i.e. plastics, metals, paper, glass, porous cardboard and also directly on food. The choice of colors available and specialist formulas, e.g. thermochromic and UV-curable inks guarantee that there will always be a specially formulated Domino ink for any given application.

A/A Plus Series inks:

  1. advanced inks – inks of general use formulated especially to ensure maximum productivity. A big group here are MEK-based inks, whereas ethanol and acetone, based ones are used in specific applications, e.g. low taint applications.

  2. specialist inks - formulated for specific properties, e.g. for egg-coding, fluorescent, for sterilization, etc.

  3. customized inks - formulated to meet the requirements of a specific application, in close cooperation with the Domino research team, e.g. ink used as a wetness indicator.


Outer case coding inks:

A variety of Domino inks enables coding on various substrates of secondary or tertiary packaging, i.e. cardboards, sacks, trays, etc. Highest quality oil, water or solvent based inks coming in a variety of colors and in configuration with Domino C-Series make every coding task possible.

Consumables - labels, ribbons

Providing the best possible service to our clients we offer not only printers but also well-matched and always the best quality consumables. The right selection of labels and ribbons influences not only print quality, but life cycle of printing heads as well.

We have a wide range of self-adhesive thermal and thermal–transfer labels of any size, rolled inwards or outwards, single or multi-line:

  • paper labels (matt, semi-glossy, glossy),
  • foil labels (PE, PET, PP),
  • weather resistant labels.

Taking into account the type of label, the product surface to be applied onto and the environment conditions (sun/light, water, temperature, etc), we select the right ribbon. In our offer you will find best quality ribbons:

  • wax,
  • wax-resin,
  • resin

in any color and size.